Career ready

Learn key practical web development skills, and work with industry mentors on new approaches and techniques to ensure you get off to the strongest possible start in your new career in the digital industries.

What you'll learn

Prepare for a career in the digital industry by enhancing your skills and experience with career-focused learning and practical employment know-how.

Foundation dev skills

Learn the key foundations of HTML, CSS and JS, in hands-on lessons with Manchester's leading industry mentors

Career skills

Build on new industry skills by gaining understanding of roles, opportunities and career options in the digital sector.

CV and interview guidance

Work with industry mentors to ensure your CV shines, and work to get interview-ready by practicing real scenarios.

Course Structure

This Click MCR course follows a specific structure of lesson content, but is flexible enough to fit your schedule. As well as our live teaching sessions, we also ensure learners have chance to do regular check-ins with our industry mentors, and access to additional materials and resources as required.

  • A practical eight week course, from 14th March to 6th May 2022
  • Two live lessons per week with our industry mentors, taking place on Monday and Thursday. Our virtual classroom sessions are carefully structured, and allow time for questions and discussion.
  • 3-4 hours of self-directed learning content provided each week, to compliment the taught lessons.
  • Learners will be paired with an experienced industry mentor, who'll be with them all the way through the course.
  • Each lesson is also recorded and made instantly available, to suit learners who require lesson content to fit their specific schedule, or those who need to refer back to the lesson content.
  • At least two hours per week of 1-to-1 mentoring support, ensuring learners have time and space to take full advantage of Click MCR's support.

Weekly Schedule

Our eight week course is structured to give learners the right balance between live virtual classroom lessons, self-led guided study, and one-to-one mentor support sessions. We also ensure our live lessons are recorded and made available right away, so that learners with other time commitments can still benefit from everything we teach.Our weekly schedule looks something like this:

9am: Briefing sent out, with a link to this week’s learning plan
11am: First live classroom session (1hr, plus Q&A time at the end)
2pm: Classroom session recording made available online

Self-directed study days, using our provided materials to add to the live lesson content Industry mentor 1-to-1 sessions bookable both days.

11am: Second live classroom session (1hr, plus Q&A time at the end)
2pm: Classroom session recording made available online

Guided learning day. This might be a group workshop, a bonus lesson, or a new skill to try out. Each week is different!

Course Content

Week 1: HTML Crash Course

Learn the basics of creating clean markup for the web, using modern semantic HTML. You'll learn how to create the information and scaffolding that modern web pages are built with, including making your content readable and accessible. Learn how to include lists, images, links and more - ready for styling and interactivity during the course!

Week 2: Introducing CSS

Pick up skills in CSS, where you'll learn to style and organise your HTML code. You'll discover how to control typography, colours, fonts, layout and more using modern CSS techniques, and gain an understanding of responsive web design, allowing you to create websites that work beautifully on desktop and mobile devices.

Week 3: Hello JavaScript

JavaScript is the programming backbone of the interactive web, and in this unit you'll learn how to use modern JS to work with data, add interactivity, and much more. You'll learn core programming concepts, understanding how to create straightforward and readable JavaScript that compliments your HTML and CSS to create exciting interactive pages, work with external data, and more.

Week 4: Real World Code

Putting it all together, this week you'll explore what real projects look like, and how industry coders work with the tools and techniques you've learned so far. You'll learn key ideas and approaches for creating your own project, and discover how to upload and share your creations on the web using industry-standard digital tools.

Week 5-8 The Project and Additional Units

The second half of the course will take the form of a simple but flexible project brief, tasking learners with building and hosting their own personal website, with weekly guidance from our industry mentors. This is your chance to practice everything you've learned, working together to create a project that demonstrates all the concepts you've picked up.

Live weekly sessions during this half of the course will build on your foundational skills, by weaving in more advanced workshops and lessons, giving you insights into tools and approaches that compliment your core skills. These will include interview practice sessions, CV guidance, portfolio advice and discussion, and much more.

Our Programme

Free to join, and flexible to fit your schedule.

Take your first steps

Start at your own pace, then dive deeper when you’re ready to get stuck in. Whatever your interests are, we’ll help you to navigate the possibilities and set a direction that’s best for you.

Learn by doing

Master the digital skills that industry wants by tackling real-world projects, without an exam in sight. Receive digital certification and celebrate your achievements with others.

Supported by a community

Help is on hand. Our industry experts can answer all of your questions and help guide you every step of the way. Connect with others for help, motivation, and support.

Go further

Taking part in our programme is just the start. We’re creating new opportunities for our learners, and providing career guidance tailored to you and your future.

Recognised by industry

Our courses have been developed by and for industry, with the involvement of those currently doing the job who know what’s needed to get ahead.

Free to join

Our programme offers the equivalent expertise, standard of learning, and career support you’d find in courses which typically cost thousands. All we ask for is your time and a commitment to develop yourself.

Develop Yourself.

ClickMCR has been designed from the ground up to equip new learners with everything they need to embark on a career in the digital industry. Let’s go!

About Us

Click MCR is a new training programme from digital industry experts MadLab, for young people in Greater Manchester.

The programme is funded through the via WEA, as part of the European Union Social Fund.

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